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Trickin 'n' Treatin

 Well.. let me start by saying, YES PLEASE to this delightful DIY Halloween Makeup!! #YAASSS. If I wasn't already going to be a "Workout Barbie", I would definitely just be doing this! 

Anyways... let's just talk about how DIY Halloween costumes are so much more fun than little store bought. "OH NO, I showed up to the Halloween party with the same exact costume as she did"... How about... NOT TODAY PARTY CITY! 

Now, I'm not saying you can't be a mouse "duh" (Mean girls pun intended), but why not make your outfit!? Throw on some super creative makeup, and maybe some light up ears instead of fuzzy ones? IDK, I'm being a barbie, what do I know ;). SIKE, because I DIY'd the entire thing, and well... makeup is my thing, so that's kind've in the bag already! 

Let's just say, I prefer to buy clothes I know I am going to wear again, rather than spending $70 on something I am going to only wear once. Now, am I willing to spend $70 on an 'everyday outfit turned halloween for the night' and some makeup? ALL DAY EVERYDAY! 

Try it! You may be spookingly surprised <3. 

(If you really need to steal my barbie idea) go ahead, just tag us in pics cause I wanna see it too)

Xoxo.. tyll next time pretty faces!