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 I love Fall. I love Fall. I love Fall, hey hey hey hey!!!! Yes, it's been a while since we have written a blog post. But considering that California is finally starting to think that the weather should maybe start cooling off, we are a little busy pulling all of our sweaters, beanies, and boots out of our closet!

Regardless, dreams are finally starting to come true, and I am sitting here all bundled up as we speak (granted, people from the East Coast would totally make fun of us right now for thinking it's cold) LOL. Don't take our joy! lol. Anyways, while it is Fall, and not yet winter, it is the best season to play with your clothes from all seasons, and blend them perfectly. 

Wanna wear thigh highs and sweaters, but know if you put on pants you will die of heat? Cool! Throw on your favorite skirt, thigh highs, and a flannel instead of a sweater. Now, you're still looking all Fall-ishly bundled, but you're perfectly comfortable with all the super fab pieces you threw together. SHORTS! All the time. Even if you wear tights under your shorts, and sweaters, and boots, and beanies OH MY!!! You See? So perfectly cozy and photogenic. 

PS, we love to see your favorite outfits you can throw together with our merch, tag us on social media, or #shopbeston... because we are always checking to see how your style can inspire us! Now go jump in a puddle... of water or leaves, whichever you prefer =) <3


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